Highlights of PMUN 2017



Presidium Model United Nations hosted its annual Model United Nations Conference with great zeal in the month of August, 2017 at Presidium, Gurgaon-57.
PMUN 2017 witnessed over 60 schools across the country participating in 11 unique committee simulations based around a central theme of sustainable development. 600 young leaders stepped into the shoes of global delegates and diplomats to participate at the MUN conducted simulating debate and displayed their keen understanding of UN vision and values. They worked together in cooperation while discussing and brainstorming solutions to address the current global issues of climate change, peace and security, global partnerships for sustainable development among other topics. Each delegation consisted of students who were assigned a country, whose role and position they took on in the committees. The student delegates while representing the country in their assigned committee diligently participated in the procedures and presented their perspective on international issues.


PMUN 2017 was themed around how sustainable development is the only answer to our survival and the same was celebrated in a grand opening ceremony where the conference was declared open.

The ceremony started with a warm welcome given to the distinguished guests by presenting them with saplings, followed with a heart-warming address by the Charge D' Affaires and the Vice-Principal Academics, Mrs. Alka Singh who wished the students the very best in this incredible endevaour.

She welcomed the guests of honor; our Hon'ble Chairperson of Presidium, Mrs. Sudha Gupta who spoke to the children about the importance of sustainable practices which will be crucial for a sustainable future. She inspired the students to work towards an effective dialogue and build consensus on global environmental policies and sensitize themselves towards sustainable practices. In a powerful of address, Mrs. Sudha Gupta emphasised the strength of youth-driven leadership. Acknowledging the UN's immense contributions toward humanity, she urged students to change the world by following in the world by following in the footsteps of the United Nations.

Mr. Varad Choudhary, Chief Advisor of PMUN gave a few words of encouragement to the 600 young students. While introducing the Executive Board Members chosen by him, who are tasked with moderating the discussions and mentoring the young delegates, Mr. Varad emphasised on the relevance of activities like Model UN Conferences which are crucial in aiding the development of the learning curves of young minds and how beneficial a platform like PMUN is in teaching and sensitizing young leaders towards the importance of a sustainable future.


During the three exhilarating days of conference, 600 delegates in 11 committees addressed agendas as wide as " Natural Resource Management and Conservation in Areas of Conflict. " in the UNEA to " Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all(SDG 4)" in the UNGA 3 SOCHUM; from Standards and morals of International Trade with emphasis on conservation and sustainable use of marine resources in the UNDP to " Review and implementation of SDG 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all ages" in the WHO, and UNSC Addressed the " Inclusive Development as a means of conflict prevention and maintenance of stability", while The UN Women discussed " Addressing Systematic Gender Inequalities with special emphasis”, The UNGC simulation witnessed the discussions about “Connecting responsible businesses with higher education institutions for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)”

Added to these conventional simulations, PMUN 2017 witnessed 3 unique specialised simulations in the form of the High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) which is the official UN committee for Sustainable Development having actual stakeholders from various industries participating along with countries to discuss progress on the SDG's. This novel simulation was never before simulated in any Model UN Conference in the city and saw 60 students represent the various stakeholders of the UN.

Another unique simulation was the Citizens Dialogue which saw students shed the cloak of diplomacy and assume roles of citizens of India to debate in a town-hall discussion regarding the education policies of the country and the impact of such policies in aiding developing a sustainable mindset for the citizens. The final unconventional simulation at PMUN 2017 was the flagship Supreme Court of India, being simulated for the first time in the Indian MUN Circuit. The SCOI witnessed two landmark cases of Triple Talaq Rule and the Challenging of the odd-even rule of the NCT of Delhi argued in the simulation by 10 counsels.

In each of these simulations, the delegates worked hard to negotiate on resolution texts that could be adopted by consensus. Each student walked away with a mature understanding of the goals and functions of the United Nations. The participants in the specialised committees were introduced to novel concepts and tested their learning curves.


As the closing ceremony neared, it became clear that the conference was a resounding success. Every participant of PMUN assembled at Manekshaw Centre for the grand closing ceremony where each committee progress was reviewed and exemplary diplomats were awarded for their efforts.

With a tired yet excited heart, PMUN 2017 drew to a close but the next experience awaits. We are waiting with baited breath for PMUN 2018, which has the theme "Presidium for Youth Empowerment".

PMUN 2017 has indeed developed from the previous editions and set the stage for another groundbreaking experience for next year!