Highlights of PMUN 2013


Opening Ceremony

Presidium Model United Nations hosted its session of MUN in November, 2013 at Presidium, Ashok Vihar. It generates a wonderful feeling to reminisce a gala event centering student’s higher prosperity, knowledge and debating skills. Over hundreds of Delegates from Presidium and other schools from NCR presented themselves in formal attire as the replica of Diplomats, Ambassadors and Leaders of next dawn. These future elite people had their minds delving into various aspects to caucus, collaborate and co-develop Policy Options to resolve contemporary global challenges that have tremendously molded the globe. The Delegates seemed brimmed-up with confidence which is a key element for a leader to know, go and show the way.

The opening ceremony commenced with an introductory speech by Nehal Singla (Grade XI) and distribution of saplings to our Chairperson Sudha Gupta and the Guests of Honor Leslie Hayden, First Secretary at the United States Embassy in New Delhi and Professor Sreeram Chaulia, Professor and Dean of International Affairs of Jindal Global University.

A dazzling Guru Vandana in the format of Kathak Dance was presented by Mr. Vineet Nigam, our Dance Mentor. Thereafter, the Convener of the Conference,
Mr. Sushant Khosla along with Ms. SudikshaThareja, Director General, gave hampers to the members of the Executive Board.

The Honorable Chairperson Mrs. Sudha Gupta had inspiring words for the students. She stressed that all participants were destined to be the leaders of tomorrow and urged everyone to BE WHAT YOU WANT TO BE. She also added that “A child not only needs ABC but TLC: TENDER LOVE and CARE.”

Keshav Gupta, Mentor of PMUN 2013, facilitated a video-conference with Dr. Derick Hulme, Professor of Political Science and MUN Advisor for AlmaCollege, USA. Specifically Dr. Hulme advised the Delegates to BE WHAT THEY WANT TO BE as well as BE WHAT THE WORLD WANTS YOU TO BE. A lively Q and A session followed when Dr Hulme fielded questions such as “What do you have to say about the situation in Syria?” and “How to protect the people in Syria who are facing problems due to wars and weapons?”, etc.

Mr. Robin Hibu, IPS, inspired the girl students to be alert and well equipped for their safety. He also shared his experience about his daughters who started taking lessons of Karate from the age of three in order to defend themselves.

The Presidium Model United Nations then interviewed the conference’s Guests of Honor, Mrs. Leslie Hayden who threw light on the importance of Press and the expectancy of the virtue of Honesty. Dr. Sree Ram termed PMUN as Vistas as he was extremely impressed with the entire working of PMUN, with collaborated efforts of Chairperson and teachers.

Ms. Nidhi Sharma, Director of the International Press Delegation introduced the theme of the newsletter: 'Presidium for Peace'. The event then concluded with the introduction of the International Press Delegation team members and a photoshoot with the Dignitaries.

Finally, Ms. RiyaTilwani, Secretary General asked everyone to keep their eyes closed till she counted up to three. Then, she banged the gavel down and declared open The Presidium Model United Nations Conference, 2013.

The American Cabinet that consisted of the White House Chief Staff, Secretary of Defence, Deputy Secretary of State, National Security Advisor and the Director of Central Intelligence discussed whether to hold or abort the Rescue Mission. After the session, it was finally decided to abort the mission.

Following on, members of the Iranian Cabinet steadily entered the conference to debate. The committee started with an informal discussion, thereafter the Prime Minister left the committee as a reaction to the failure of ‘Operation Eagle Claw’.

The Security Council discussed the tragic situation of Syria and its loss, and they concluded by stating that they were ready to help find a solution which could find favor with both the political parties in the country as well as the civil society. The aim was to initiate a national dialogue on this grave matter.

The session headed to United Nations Human Rights Council’s pertinent agenda- to protect civilians in armed conflict. The delegate of Libya started the proceedings. The protection of civilians is not just a concern but also a major issue. The UNHRC committee wanted to take a step forward for women across the world and shield them from any kind of atrocities.


After holding talks on various matters concerning the world, PMUN marched to its Socials. Delegates of Australia and Canada reminded everyone of Hillary Clinton and Bill Gates; also many other delegates dressed themselves up into some very famous historical personalities, showcasing the history itself.

Fashion! Something that is never old. Something that never loses its designation! Something that is always in observation and quiet evident on those three days of PMUN,2013.

In a bird eye view, the socials received critical comments as well as compliments. It is a culmination of both the formalities and informalities of a MUN conference. Socials complete the Model United Nations Conference.

International Press interviewed many members of PMUN and garnered knowledge, inspiration, appreciation and vision for PMUN. They stated that PMUN is certainly a cemented platform for young students to prune themselves as good ‘leaders of tomorrow’. They also emphasized the importance of International Press Team for a Conference. The Editorial Board comprised students of Grade X.

The second day commenced with an assortment of delegates who had diverse thoughts. The committee was enlivened and discussions turned into arguments regarding the Somalian Piracy. The need of education was unanimously endorsed by the delegates. The next session was on Troubled Waters, as every year hundreds of vessels ply the world’s waters, transport billions of Dollars worth of cargo, they carry passengers and engage in military operations. The vessels are often targeted for piracy and terrorism. The Delegates of few nations played blame games and were often loggerheads with each other over problems and solutions, and the debate was unceasing.

On the second day of the conference, during Security Council the delegates were prepared to curb the situation of Syria. It seemed that the gravity of the tragic scenario in this torn-apart nation had soared up the spirits of Delegates and the debate was set on fire.

The Joint Crisis Cabinet Committee resumed again, the American Cabinet decided to formulate their policies as classified and unclassified after the failure of Operation Eagle Claw.

International Press: The International Press of any MUN plays a prominent role in its success. Each delegate of the IP is a part of individual communities and council activities and they cover the proceedings extensively throughout the sessions of the MUN. The onus to conduct a background research on the topics of discussion of the sessions and the interviews rests on the members of the IP.


Our Honorable Chairperson, Mrs. Sudha Gupta espouses the quintessence of this quote. Her inspiring presence has been the source of energy from which the entire Presidium MUN 2013 fueled, right from the conception to the culmination.

The entire lexicon would fall short of words to express our gratitude to our Honorable Mrs. Sudha Gupta for being a perennial source of support, encouragement and commitment. She has constantly guided us, mentored us and encouraged us to believe that the Presidium MUN 2013 would be a harbinger of change in the community.

Completely espousing the motto of Presidium "Be what you want to be", Mrs. Sudha Gupta has ensured that every participant of Presidium MUN 2013 went home with a plethora of learning and a significant addition to their knowledge bank.

We would like to express our heartfelt and sincere gratitude to Mrs. Sudha Gupta for backing us and being a solid rock of support for all of us to lean on, in times of need.